5 Minute Guide to Westray


On the harbour wall, opposite to the Marina berths is a waiting room containing showers and toilets

Public access pay telephones are available in the nearby Pierowall Hotel and in the BT phone box further along the village.


Pierowall Hotel (01857 677472) with bar and restaurant is situated in the village (15 minutes walk from the Marina) is open 7 days per week and Jacks Chippy (01857 677471) (a further 5 minutes walk) is open from 4-8pm Wednesday and Saturday. Saintear is a bistro located just beyond the village. 

Groatie Buckies Cafe is situated in WI Rendall's shop in the village and is open daily during summer for light meals and tasty snacks from 10am - 4pm. (Sundays 2 - 4pm, snacks only, and Thu, Fri, Sat during winter).  They also offer a taxi service, car hire or cycle hire. 07796538035 / 01857 677389


Chandlery is available through mainland outlets such as Sea Gear Supplies (01856 871750), MacGregors (01856 520320) or The Rope Centre (01856 850646) and transport to Westray can be arranged through Keith Rendall on 01857 677268


The village boasts two general stores, (one also being the Post Office) and they sell anything from food and wine and vet supplies to iron-mongery. There are also several art studios and Hume Sweet Hume which designs and manufactures a range of knitted interior and fashion accessories.

Pierowall Fish, next to Jack’s Chippy, is open during the day and will supply a range of fresh or smoked seafood products.


Westray has 8 nominated walks (some quite challenging), linking in many of its archaeological attractions, historical monuments and natural sites. More information can be found at the Heritage Centre (next to Pierowall Hotel).

Island tours

Why not let Andy and Karen Penn at Westraak bring Westray to life for you; they will take you on a tour to experience the sights, sounds and solitude of this beautiful island called the 'Queen of the Orkney Isles'. Call Andy or Karen on 01857 677777 or 07793 216922. 

Public transport

A daily ferry service operates from the Marina to Papa Westray. Timings can be obtained from Orkney Ferries or by asking the Master of the Golden Marina when he is alongside.

A bus routinely operates between the pier and the village matching the departure and arrival of the Golden Marina. A timetable is on display in the waiting room on the pier.

WI Rendall's offer a taxi service, car hire or cycle hire. 07796538035 / 01857 677389

Other marine facilities

Westray is a resourceful island and someone, somewhere will probably be able to assist if you find yourself in need! Please ask a local.

Westray regatta

The last weekend in July of every Summer is usually regatta weekend on the island. On average 45 boats of all shapes and sizes, traditional and modern, compete in one of the seasons biggest regattas. Fierce but friendly competition is usually celebrated in the evening with a Dance, Buffet and Bar.

Find more information on our website, including our ask a local service for any sailing questions you may have.

Contact us by telephone on 01856 871313 or 07300 806 911.

For more information on Westray, please see the following websites - 

https://westraypapawestray.co.uk/                     https://westraycommunity.co.uk


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