Discover Orkney

A day's sail from the Scottish Mainland, Orkney is an archipelago of 70 islands best explored by boat. The Islands are an exciting cruising destination with an abundance of wildlife, history and outstanding coastal scenery to be enjoyed. Each island has its own unique character and a rover berthing ticket means that you can explore them all, making every trip your very own. Your ticket includes berthing at any of the marinas in Kirkwall, Westray or Stromness along with local piers and many visitor moorings throughout the islands.

Orkney offers superb sailing, whether in the sheltered waters of Scapa Flow or playing the tides while Island hopping, sheltered from the ocean swell. Please visit our Plan Your Trip page to find specific information on how to plan your trip.

Local sailors will be glad to advise you on the best routes; please use our 'ask a local' form to send your question to us.

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Local information - 

5 minute guide to Kirkwall

5 minute guide to Stromness

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